Press Center

Interfax-Kazakhstan Press Center

arranges press conferences and briefings


is the largest pressroom area in Almaty with the state-of-the-art equipment matching the standards of Interfax International Information Group. Interfax Group has years of experience in organizing such public events

Press Center offers its clients an opportunity to enjoy the following advantages

  • coverage of press events by Interfax-Kazakhstan reporters, news publication in Interfax-Kazakhstan Newswires;
  • news distribution via Interfax Group independent network to international and local subscribers

  • Interfax-Kazakhstan News Agency

    a member company of Interfax Information Services International Group, has been working in Kazakhstan's market of political and economic information since October 1996



    Interfax-Kazakhstan Press Center arranges press conferences and briefings.

    The Press Center provides the following services


    • formulating the topic of a press briefing or a press conference
    • consulting news-makers (speakers) about mass media relations
    • professional moderator services
    • distributing announcements to media, releasing announcements in the Interfax-Kazakhstan newswire and on
    • writing press releases and translating them into three languages Russian, Kazakh, English (if required)
    • putting together press kits for media
    • providing table badges for speakers
    • inviting and accrediting mass media
    • providing equipment for audio/visual presentations, including a projector and a screen
    • video recording
    • writing news reports on the press conference and releasing them in Interfax-Kazakhstan newswire and on
    • monitoring of print and on-line mass media after the event.

    The Press Center provides the following services


    • placing an additional announcement of the press conference on (in a flash format including information on the date and time of the press conference)
    • distributing a press release in Interfax-Kazakhstan newswire
    • posting info about the press conference on
    • professional photo shooting
    • services of interpreters
    • arranging drink receptions and coffee breaks
    • distributing info via press center media network
    • conference room rental service
    • arranging round-tables
    • organizing press tours.


    • 22.11.2018

    Press conference dedicated to a new project called “The Army of Accountants” launched by the National Center for Assistance to Entrepreneurs and aimed to help the Kazakh entrepreneurs find solutions to their accounting problems

    Dmitry KAZANTSEV, general director and cofounder of the National Center for Assistance to Entrepreneurs; Tatiana BAKHTEYEVA, manager of The Army of Accountants project

    • 15.11.2018

    Press conference devoted to Kazakhstan's start of the Global Campaign "Learn your status"

    Baurzhan BAISERKIN, general director of the National Center for Prevention and Fight against AIDS; Aleksander GOLIUSOV, UNAIDS country director; Miruert TURYMBET, manager of the Section for Organizational and Methodological Activities of the Almaty City Center for Prevention and Fight against AIDS, Nurali AMANZHOLOV, president of Kazakhstan's Union of People Living with HIV, others

    • 08.11.2018

    Press conference that will announce Almaty’s first rock musical “Three Apartments Facing the Close”

    Anton MITNEV, the playwright and director of the musical; .Venera NIGMATULLINA, deputy president of Kazakhstan’s Cinematography Union; Ilyas AUTOV, the composer of the musical and the leader of the Motor-Roller band; Konstantin DIKHNOV, the choreographer of the musical and director of the BlockBuster Dance School; Tatiana KISELEVA, a vocal coach

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    • If you want to hold a press conference at our Press Center, please feel free to contact:
    • Zhandos ZEINESHEV, Press Center Director:
      (727) 250 35 28,
    • Svetlana ROMANOVA, Press Center Manager:
      (727) 250 35 28,